Eye Care in Parker CO

Vision Therapy Services for Everyone in the Family

Vision difficulties are not limited to one age group, so we offer complete family eyecare services. Our comprehensive vision therapy services are cognitive training treatments that enable the brain to better understand how to utilize the eyes in a more efficient and accurate manner. Dr. Good and her eye care team in Parker, Colorado, train patients on how to properly focus the eyes and track deficits related to their visual perception. Whether the vision issues are natural, or the result of a sports injury or previous medical condition, our staff is trained to identify and treat the vision needs of patients of any age.

Visual Therapy Services that Unlock Your Vision Potential

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Optometry Services

Personalized Vision Therapy

  • Treatment of amblyopia (“lazy eye”)
  • Treatment of strabismus (“crossed eyes”)
  • Double vision
  • Eye teaming difficulties
  • Eye focusing delays
  • Eye tracking problems
  • Improvement of visual processing delays (including patients with special needs)

Neuro-Optometric Rehabilitation

  • Therapeutic activities that retrain the natural processes of the brain
  • Vision therapy for traumatic brain injury (TBI), stroke, post-concussion visual deficits, and acquired brain injury (ABI).

Pediatric Optometry

  • Pediatric comprehensive examinations
  • InfantSee provider examinations

Preventative Care and General Optometry

Same Day Emergency Care for Patients

  • Eye injuries
  • Red eyes
  • Flashes in vision
  • Sudden loss of vision