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A comprehensive eye exam is an important part of caring for your eye and overall health – they can help detect vision problems and other systemic issues like diabetes and hypertension as early as possible when they are easily treatable. However, if you want to wear contact lenses, you need to get a contact lens exam to determine if they’re a good choice based on your eye health, vision requirements, and lifestyle. At our optometry and vision therapy office in Parker, Colorado, we can help with your eye care needs.

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What are Contact Lenses?  

If you don’t have perfect vision, but your eyes are otherwise healthy, contact lenses are a convenient way to correct vision without glasses or laser surgery. A contact lens is a small, thin, synthetic lens that sits on the eye’s surface – it floats on the tear film that covers your cornea.  

Like eyeglasses, contact lenses help correct vision problems such as far-sightedness (hyperopia), near-sightedness (myopia), presbyopia (the lens is unable to focus), and astigmatism. There are two types of lenses: soft and hard. However, soft lenses are the most popular and comfortable because they hold more water and do not sit directly on the cornea.

Who Can Wear Contact Lenses?  

While wearing contact lenses isn’t a problem for most people, a few conditions may make it difficult. For example, you might not be able to wear contact lenses if you have dry eye syndrome, severe eye allergies, blepharitis (inflammation of the eyelids), certain illnesses such as arthritis or diabetes, work with chemicals, or live or work in a dusty environment. That’s why it’s important to schedule a contact eye exam with Dr. Good before you start wearing contact lenses, so she can see what works best for you. 

What Happens at an Exam for Contacts?   

Ensuring your contact lenses are not too steep, too flat, wrongly sized, or the wrong prescription is essential for preserving your eye health and optimizing vision. Here’s what you can expect during your contact lens exam at Good iSight:  

Vision evaluation: Dr. Good will evaluate your vision to determine the right prescription for your needs. We use special equipment to determine how well you see at different distances, how well your eyes work together, how well your pupils respond to light and other vision evaluations.   

Contact lens fitting: During your contact lens exam, Dr. Good will perform a series of tests, including measurements of the cornea, iris, and pupil, an evaluation of tear production, and an evaluation of the surface of your eyes.   

  • Cornea Measurements: The curvature of the front of the eye will be measured to determine your eye’s exact size and curve and the right contact lens to match. This portion of your contact lens evaluation is especially critical to ensure your lenses rest comfortably and securely on the surface of your eye.  
  • Pupil Measurements: We will also measure your pupil to determine which size contact lens is needed.  
  • Tear Film Evaluation: We’ll perform a tear film evaluation to ensure that the eyes are not too dry for contact lenses. As contacts are made of different plastics, this assessment also helps us choose the right material for you.   

Lifestyle evaluation: A contact lens exam also includes questions about your lifestyle and what kind of lenses you prefer. For instance, a high school sports team teenager may also need disposable lenses for road games and swim meets.  

Follow-up appointment: After your appointment, it’s important to schedule a follow-up appointment. This allows the doctor to observe your eye health and make any adjustments to the lenses or your care regimen. It’s essential to come to these exams, even if you are not experiencing any problems.   

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At Good iSight, we care about you and your family, and providing contact lens exams and other eye care services in Parker, CO, is how we can help you maintain healthy vision. Dr. Good will fit you with the right size lens and prescription to enjoy all the comfort and freedom that contact lenses offer. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!