Eye Teaming Treatment in Parker CO

If you have double vision, headaches, blurred vision, and eyestrain, especially while completing near work such as reading and computer activities, you may have an eye teaming problem. This can obstruct your ability to succeed in school, work, and sports.

Eye Teaming difficulties solution in Parker, CO

What are Eye Teaming Difficulties?

Eye teaming (also known as binocular vision) is a visual skill that allows both eyes to work together in a precise and coordinated way. Good eye teaming allows for sustained, single, comfortable vision and is responsible for much of our depth perception. Our eyes are designed to work as a team, but each eye functions independently, so when we view an object, the brain receives the image from each eye separately, then combines these two images to make one fused image. If our two eyes can fuse these images together comfortably for a period of time, the result is a normal, clear, single vision with depth perception.

When you have an eye teaming problem, the brain cannot organize this information appropriately, which is confusing. This can hinder your ability to concentrate on close work, make reading difficult, and affect your physical coordination in sports, play, and other daily activities. 

There are many types of eye teaming problems (binocular vision dysfunctions), but the two most common we see in practice are convergence insufficiency, an eye-teaming problem in which the eyes have a strong tendency to drift outward when viewing a near object since the brain perceives an object as near to be farther away than it is, and convergence excess, an eye teaming problem in which the eyes tend to drift inward because the brain perceives a near object as closer than it is.

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What Causes Binocular Vision Dysfunctions?

Eye teaming difficulties typically occur when a developmental delay or a neurological event interferes with the brain’s ability to coordinate the eyes to work together accurately and efficiently.

Symptoms of Eye Teaming Issues

People with eye teaming problems often have the following symptoms:  

  • Eyestrain and headaches after doing close-up work such as homework or reading for a short period
  • Double vision
  • Blurry vision that comes and goes when reading
  • Rubbing or closing an eye when reading
  • Words moving or floating on the page
  • Confusing one word with another as the eyes skip around during reading
  • Poor reading comprehension, fluency, and speed
  • Attention and/or behavior problems, specifically during reading or other close vision work

Available Treatments for Eye Teaming 

At Good iSight, we provide vision therapy for eye teaming difficulties.

Vision Therapy

Vision therapy is an individualized, supervised treatment program designed to correct eye teaming problems. Vision therapy uses various tools, such as specialized lenses, prisms, patches, filters, balance boards, and digital simulations to improve and strengthen visual skills like eye teaming, tracking, and focusing, and re-train your visual system to interpret visual input with increased accuracy and ease. Each treatment session takes place at the office once or twice a week under the supervision of Dr. Good.

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At Good iSight, Dr. Good and our team provide treatment for eye teaming difficulties in Parker, CO. Using vision therapy and specific eye exercises; we will help you or your child read for longer periods without experiencing eye strain, begin to experience the benefits of binocular vision, and develop a new level of confidence at school or work as your eyes begin to work better together, and reading becomes more comfortable. Contact our office in Parker, CO, to schedule an appointment!